Ferreycorp’s Compliance System is important to maintain the integrity culture within our Corporation and subsidiaries. Our reputation is one of our greatest assets, we must protect it. One of our greatest values is Integrity.

We have a Compliance System to prevent our company and its employees from being involved in corruption cases and dishonest or illegal behaviors through regulations and procedures that ensure ethical behavior in business and in compliance with the law, to avoid damaging our reputation and good image.

Our business partners (clients, suppliers, associates, allies, consortiums, contractors, subcontractors, agents, distributors, brokers) must always maintain an ethical behavior and comply with the policies, norms and procedures established in our Compliance System to prevent corruption crimes.

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Política corporativa de cumplimiento - PDF
Política corporativa de cumplimiento (English) - PDF
Código de ética corporativo - PDF
Código de ética corporativo (English) - PDF
Norma corporativa de debida diligencia en clientes, proveedores y colaboradores - PDF