Social responsability

Fargo seeks to generate positive relationships with every single stakeholder, this constitutes one of the core principles of Fargo’s business management.  

Year after year, Fargo has been conducting trainings and activities for our staff, community and environment, which evidence our spirit of solidarity and commitment with our stakeholders. 

Fargo possesses the Corporate Social Responsibility Badge (ESR), and certifications such as ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and ABE Entrepreneur (Association of Good Employers) which guarantee a series of good-practices in taking care of our staff and environment. 


  • Contributing

“Contributing”, seeks to promote the donation of bottle caps within our staff, which will be delivered to the Angelitos de cristal association to provide complementary supplies for children’s treatments and to elevate their quality of life.

  • Driving Values

“Driving Values”, aims to build a series of workshops and sessions for unit load drivers seeking to foster values in their daily work.

  • Children villages

“Children villages”, seeks to develop actions in favor of girls, boys and teenagers in issues such as nutrition, promoting a healthy diet and trating related health concerns.

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